Bulvesi is a family business, established in 1998. We design and produce bespoke wedding, prom and evening dresses. For us creating beautiful dresses is all about fulfilling your dreams, so you can feel confident and beautiful in the most important moments of your life.

Based in Assenovgrad, the so-called city of brides, our goal is to keep a wide variety of models and palettes of our gowns.

With creative thinking and following universal fashion trends, our designers create high quality and unique production with numerous custom models. Our aim is to satisfy even the most sophisticated desires.

With our slogan “Personality is your style” and our extensive experience in the industry, we can help you choose dresses that meet your personal style, so you can be confident in the most important moments of your life.

Led by the idea that the best advertisement comes from the word of mouth, we seek to perfect every single detail of our gowns by getting to know our clients better.